Winter “bushcraft” in Stiavnik

As I left the village, first stop was a spot for prayer with stone and statue of Virgin Mary from Medjugorje. Someone from the village Stiavnik brought it there.

Then I watched a deer for a moment, until my hands holding the cell phone camera got cold and I got bored 🙂 The dog did not notice the deer.

It was beautiful sunny day – 31st December 2016. Beautiful end of the year. Later I found rose-hip bush and the idea of warm rose-hip tea came to my mind. I chose sunny spot in the field near the forrest and collected few dead branches and dead dry grass. First I tried to light fire with firesteel, but my hands got cold so I used matches. Yes, I was lazy to search for birch bark or fatwood 🙂

In my pocket kit (in big pocket of my winter jacket) there were the can with the lid and a hard wire to manipulate with the can, firesteel, matches, lighter and a candle. Small rag to clean the can and cover for all of that, so that my jacket will not get dirty.

I had also knife and a multitool, but actually I have not used them. There was no need for it.

Until the snow melted in my can, we had fun with the dog named Dino.
Recorded on 2016/12/31


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