Priest and young prostitute

I stopped. From Leopoldov prison, I do not know on which gas station. It was chilly, there was a gas station and now I will have to pray the breviary. So I prayed the breviary there at the gas station, a yellow light through the window, it was raining, I had a jacket over the shirt, I have one pastor shirt – this one. And over the shirt I had a jacket ziped up.
I was praying and suddenly someone knocked at the window. Knock, knock, knock.
I turn to look. Such a girl – mini-skirt, purse, high heels.
Pretty young girl. Really very pretty. She knocked and told
– Good evening.
– Good evening, I told.
And her: “Do you wish the services?”
And I did not realize. I did not know.
So I said: “Please, what kind of services?”
– Ehm, the services.
– Ah, the services. I see.
I opened the door.
– You are a very nice girl.
– Do you like my looks?
– Yes.
– If we are to be honest, you are very pretty, but probably you see badly.
– Why?
I’m old for you. I might be your grandfather. Father for sure. I’m in my fifties. You are barely seventeen.
I’m an old man and a stranger. Does it not humiliate you even a little bit? It has to humiliate you awfully.
She looked down and with leg she started to dig.
Handbag like this.
– It does humiliate.
– Why are you doing this?
– You have some alcohol in you? Some narcotics?
She confused looked up and down, up.
– Meth. Half a dose.
– Uh-huh.
– Can I sit down to you?
My God! Can she or not?
When the bishop laid his hands on me, I have never ceased to be a man.
A man is not twice weaker in this matter. Three. Ten times.
Ten. Women are weaker here.
And men are below. Is it not?
And now, I was thinking. God, can she or not?
God, can she or not?
When she has any pimp, he will copy my car number and give it to be cashed at the bishop’s office.
And then it occurred to me – Jesus, I am not such as you, but I want to be such as you. Jesus, you would have received such a prostitute. Stay by my side, because I am a weak man. Stand by me please.
– Sit down.
She sat next to me and … I did not even know that it is such rates. For such act, so much, for other job so much.
– Stop!
I immediately shut her speech. I opened the thermo flask, I gave her a drink of tea.
– Have a drink!
– Dear lady, you see those trucks there?
– I can see.
Those all with lights. It was raining.
– If I owned all of them, even the gas station. If they belonged all to me and I would sell them and would like to buy you, it is not possible.
Impossible. You have such a value and a price that if all this belonged to me, it is impossible.
And you are throwing yourself away with a stranger and an old one. Look yonder, do you see those lights?
I do not know whether it is Piestany, or what is there. Probably Piestany. I do not know.
– You see that there?
– Yes.
– If this whole town there belonged to me, with all there is. If I sold everything, everything. And I would like to buy you… it would be impossible.
You have such a value. You are impossible to buy. And slowly, I told her about the dignity of women.
About motherhood. What is the most beautiful on woman?
She looked – What?
– Femininity.
When a woman is a woman, that’s great. This is absurdly appealing. That’s great. Not a boondagger.
Masculine women, it is like sissified man – painted fingernails
Nail file … iiiiii.
Women, would you like to have such man?
Come on! Please! Let the man be the man and the woman be the woman.
And I’ve started talking and she burst into tears.
She looked at me and said
– Listen. And by any chance, you are not a priest, are you?
And I said – Imagine that I am.
And now she says – And could you prove it somehow? – So tearfully.
So, if it helps you somehow. And I have opened this jacket and I showed her this shirt.
– Gosh!
This happened to me the first time in my life.
I said – To me too.
– You know what? I’ll drive you home.
– Home?
– Yes.
– Home? My grandpa will kill you.
– Which grandpa? You live with grandpa?
– Yes.
– And where is your mum?
– She is doing the same. In another city.
– Oh. Never mind. We are going.
– My grandfather will kill you. He has a pitchfork, he will pierce you.
I even joked – Three teeth, or four teeth has the pitchfork?
– He’ll kill you.
– I will endure. Sit down.
I came there. Repaired house. Beautifully renovated house. I was thinking
– She must have earned something!
I got off, I did not know whether she is not catching me into a trap. I got of the car.
– Just wait a minute.
I locked the car. I went to a neighbor and I rang the bell.
I was thinking
– God, if that neighbour lady knows me, that would be embarrassing as thunderstruck.
And I thought “Jesus, you were also risking and how much.
And was it worth it? Yes. You didn’t make a tender. You didn’t make neither a recruitment.
Please! Jesus risked. So I will too.
I rang the bell.
Please, lives her such a young girl with grandfather?
And the lady said
– Lives, lives 🙂
She thought I am the customer.
I rang at gate. In the back shone light. In the back. Indeed, the outline of the man, and he grabbed something in his hand.
And I saw that it’s not a shotgun, but the pitchfork.
And he, really, as knight Burke, went to the gate
– I’ll kill, I’ll kill.
He saw the silhouette of a man and a woman. And he said
– A man will you not bring here. You will not. Do you understand?!
And have opened the electric gate and I was not waiting until
he pierces me. With that three or four teeth fork, right?
I just quickly unzipped the jacket.
– I’m a pastor! I’m a pastor!
And that was my knights shirt then.
He stopped at that time. He let go of the fork.
– I’m sorry pastor, I’m sorry.
– What should I do?
– You’re doing well.
– What?
– You have let down the right weapon.
– Which?
– Pitchfork.
And you let the best on in your hand.
– What is it?
– Rosary.


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